Find Seafood Favorites At Big Al’s

Photo of fried soft-shell crab sandwich served at a restaurant for lunch. This sandwich comes with cole slaw. The sandwich is made with bread, a whole soft-shell crab, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. This is a common summer seafood in Maryland.
  Whether you live in Houma, Louisiana, or you plan to visit, there’s only one place to go for excellent seafood. The restaurant, Big Al’s, fondly referred to as “Home of the Crawfish King,” won’t disappoint. You can enjoy your meal in the dining room or have the restaurant provide catering... [read more]

Make Your Car Ready For The Season

Mid adult salesman showing buying plans to young couple on digital tablet in auto repair shop.
You’ll face unique challenges while driving during the fall and winter months. Along with colder temperatures, you might need to deal with rain and snow on the roadways. These tips will ensure that your car is safe and reliable. But if it’s time to replace your vehicle, check out the... [read more]

Try This Oyster Dressing This Holiday

Homemade oyster cornbread stuffing in a Southern-style cornbread dressing made with red bell pepper, celery, onion, herbs, crumble cornbread, cubed white bread and oyster served for a traditional Southern Thanksgiving
Even if you’re not a big fan of Thanksgiving dressing, you’ll love this recipe. You can find many different options for oyster dressing, but none of them compare to this. The flavors will enhance every dish you place on the table. You can make something for your family this year... [read more]

Taste Cajun Fare At Boudreau & Thibodeau’s

A Deliciously Prepared Mahi-mahi filet of fish Cajun Style topped with shrimp, crawfish and a white wine lemon butter sauce with a side of dirty rice
Boudreau and Thibodeau are folk heroes who mess up and make mistakes but are still lovable and funny. And at Boudreau and Thibodeau’s Cajun Cookin’, you get tasty food and that sense of fun and play. In fact, a visit to this restaurant can feed both your stomach and your... [read more]

Start The Party With These Tailgate Appetizers

Whether you’ve been making the same tried-and-true recipes for years or starting a tailgate tradition, new snacks are always good. In addition, you might be looking for recipes you can quickly make that will have a big impact on your guests. Make your party the one everyone wants to come... [read more]

Experience The Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition

You might know the GMC Sierra 1500, but get ready for an all-new package. For 2023, the automaker is introducing the 1500 AT4X AEV Edition. GMC has loaded this edition with features. You’ll move easily from city streets to the most rugged backcountry trails. You might already know the Sierra... [read more]

Prepare Your Wardrobe For Fall

Woman choosing sweater on rack against white background, closeup
Fall is approaching quickly, and cooler temperatures are on the way. And new fall styles will arrive with brisk breezes and changing leaves. If you haven’t updated your wardrobe, it might be time to go through your closet. Prepare your wardrobe for the fall by bringing out some basics and... [read more]

Plan A Night Out At Peppers Pizzeria

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Since 1998, owner Greg Verret and his wife Carrie have invested heart and soul into feeding friends and neighbors in Thibodaux. Not long after, they opened a Peppers Pizzeria location in Houma that continues to be a popular dining destination. Handmade pizzas taste delicious any time of the day or... [read more]

10 Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Summer is winding down, and many look forward to cooler fall temperatures. And when the brisk fall weather arrives, you’ll want to have your home in Houma, LA, ready. At the end of summer, taking care of some key maintenance issues is essential to ensure that your home is in... [read more]

Learn More About The Incredible Buick Enclave

Buick enclave
Buick has been creating stylish and modern cars and SUVs loaded with features and comfort for years. In 2022, a newly redesigned Buick Enclave arrived to rave reviews. If you haven’t seen the Enclave up close, you’ll want to get a look or even a test drive. Read on to... [read more]