Hosting Guests? Make Sure Your Home Is Ready

Multi-Generation Family And Friends Gathering In Kitchen For Celebration Party

Do you love hosting friends and family but get a little stressed out at the same time? That’s a pretty normal situation, but it’s also easy to fix. See, you can enjoy stress-free hosting by getting your home ready ahead of time. That sounds like a massive undertaking, but you’ll be ready in no time when following these tips for preparing your house for guests.

Make Sure There’s Enough Seating and Space

Have you ever been the odd person left standing at an event because the host didn’t have enough seating? If so, you were probably pretty annoyed and unable to have fun. You don’t want your guests to have a similar experience, so set up ample seating.

Don’t cram the seats together, though. If your guests don’t have enough room to walk after you set up the seats, it’s time to go to plan B. In this case, you can set up seating in multiple rooms, with easy flow from room to room. Also, you can cover your yard with a tarp and set up seating outside if needed.

Make Your Home Sparkle

You know you need to clean the common areas of your house before your guests arrive, but don’t forget about the less-trafficked rooms. Some of your guests might ask for a tour of your house or make a wrong turn when heading to the bathroom. Thus, they could end up in the kids’ bedrooms or the playroom before you have a chance to cover up the mess. You’ll be much less stressed – and much more excited to take guests on tours – after cleaning your house from top to bottom.

Since you might be in a time crunch, start with the common areas where your guests will be first. Then you can tackle the bedrooms and other areas. That can be pretty time-consuming, so don’t hesitate to delegate rooms to your family members. Getting ready for an event is an all-hands-on-deck situation, so give everyone a broom.

Get Everything Ready for the Kiddos

Are there going to be kids at your next event? Keeping them entertained is essential, so get everything ready before they arrive. First, choose an area for the kids to play, and then set up some games and activities. Now, if there are going to be a bunch of small kids that need supervision, you can go the extra mile and hire a babysitter for the event. Start looking early since babysitters can get busy during the spring.

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Knock Out as Much of the Cooking as Possible

You don’t want to be sweating over the stove when your guests are arriving. Plus, it’s not fun to be stuck cooking when everyone else is socializing. Thus, consider making food like casseroles, soup, salad, and dips that you can prepare ahead of time. Oh, and you can also order something from a restaurant if you prefer. Just make sure you place the order early enough to pick it all up before the guests arrive.

Your next event will be a hit if you follow these tips. Once your home is ready, you can focus on mingling with your guests and having a blast. Now, that’s the way to host an event.

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