Hit The Dance Floor At Studio 371

Hit The Dance Floor At Studio 371

Do you have an inner dancer that’s begging to get out? Instead of suppressing the urge, hit the dance floor at Studio 371 in Houma. The studio offers private and group dancing lessons, along with fun events. You can stop by for a single lesson or come back over and over again. First, learn more about Studio 371. Then make plans to visit by yourself or with a dance partner.

Group Lessons for All Dance Styles

Studio 371 updates its schedule each month with an exciting assortment of group dance classes. From the Jitterbug to Zumba, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all different styles of dance. You can even reserve a spot for a group lesson with your friends. Then you can decide on the type of dance you want to learn and cut a rug with your buddies.

Oh, and whether you go to a private or public group class, you don’t have to worry about bringing a partner. While that’s an option, you can learn on your own, too. Either way, the staff is adept at helping people of all skill levels become better dancers.

Private Dance Lessons

Do you have a big event coming up and want to learn how to dance? Maybe you’re stressing about the big dance at your upcoming wedding, or there’s a social dance on your calendar. You might not even have an upcoming event, but you have always wanted to learn some moves. If so, private dance lessons at Studio 371 are perfect for you. The talented instructors stay on top of the latest trends while knowing the dance staples. Seriously, they can teach you pretty much any style of dance you’re interested in learning, from the cha-cha to salsa.

Advanced Dance Lessons

Studio 371 isn’t just for beginners, although a lot of the clientele is stepping on the dance floor for the first time. It also offers lessons for competitive ballroom dancers and those who wish to reach that level. The team takes its job seriously and even partners with other studios in the region to ensure it offers the best lessons possible.

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Community Parties

Dancing and socialization go hand in hand (or step in step), explaining why Studio 371’s community parties are such a hit. You don’t even need to take lessons here to attend a party. Once you arrive, you can learn some dance moves, grab a partner, and float around the room. These parties occur each month, and it’s not unusual to see the same faces with some new folks mixed in at each party. With music, food, dancing, and tons of socialization, these events aren’t to be missed.

Wow, it’s no wonder that Houma residents are talking about Studio 371. And as much fun as it sounds, it’s even more enjoyable in person. Check out the website to see the calendar of events and clear your schedule so you can learn to dance.

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