Easter Games For Everyone

colorful water bombs in summer ready to play

During Easter, a lot of people do things with their kids. That typically entails an Easter egg hunt, eating chocolate bunnies, and visiting family. This year, you can make this day even more special with an assortment of Easter games. Here are some great options to help you plan.

Peeps War

Instead of a game of ping pong, kids and adults alike will have fun with a battle of the peeps. For this game, you’ll need yellow marshmallow peeps, plastic eggs, and either a ping pong table or some kind of flat surface. The goal is for players to hit their opponents’ marshmallows and knock them off the table.

Bean Bag Toss

For this, you can use empty cans and canisters of varying sizes. Then, wrap them in Easter-themed paper. Each player will use bean bags to try to knock them down. Although adults can play this game, it’s especially fun for kids.


With nice weather outside, why not set up a game of croquet? You can find them at most family retail stores with everything needed for up to six players. The great thing about this is that you and your family can continue to play it all summer long.


If you plan to have friends or family members over this Easter, play charades. This classic game never goes out of style. However, rather than act out words normally associated with it, make everything Easter related.

Scavenger Hunt

Consider this a different take on the traditional Easter egg hunt. In this case, you’ll strategically place notes instead of plastic eggs that require players to act out. For example, you could write down “spin in circles 10 times” or “sing your favorite song using a duck voice.” The possibilities are endless.

Water Balloon Toss

The only difference from the regular toss game is that you’ll choose balloons in colors that represent this holiday. In other words, go with soft pink, baby blue, green, and purple. It’s fun for people of all ages, even smaller children.

Hula Hoop

People have hula hooped for a long time. Perhaps you did as a teenager. However, this is a blast because everyone will do it. That includes smaller children and seniors. Just prepare yourself for a lot of laughs, and don’t forget to take videos.

Jelly Bean Colors

If you have smaller children, this game is ideal. Fill a small bowl with different colored jelly beans. Then, hand each child a plastic spoon of the same color. They’ll take turns putting the most jelly beans on their spoons. Not only is this game fun, but it’s also educational.

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Spoon Race

Weather permitting, have everyone run a spoon race. Give each person a large spoon and an Easter-colored hard-boiled egg. After lining up, they’ll place an egg on their spoon. On the count of three, each person will race toward the finish line. Whoever crosses first without dropping the egg wins. For adult racers, you could use colored raw eggs instead.

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