Don’t Forget These Firework Safety Tips

Don’t Forget These Firework Safety Tips

Are you planning on setting off fireworks on the Fourth of July this year? If so, it is important to prioritize your safety. SafeWise offers some firework safety tips that will protect you and your family on the holiday.

Choose the Location Wisely

Select a flat, open location that is free of trees and grass. Concrete, stone, sand, and bare dirt are the best surfaces for setting off fireworks. Also, make sure there are not any buildings or anything else that is flammable nearby. It is also a good idea to make sure that you are far enough away from others that you will not disturb them with the noise. This is especially important if your neighbors are veterans or have pets.

Gather Safety Supplies

It is always wise to be prepared in case something happens when setting off fireworks. Thus, have a fire extinguisher and water handy at all times. You can bring the water hose over to the location or fill a large bucket with water.

Set up Caution Tape

You also need to set up a safety perimeter so people do not get too close to the fireworks. Spectators should be at least thirty-five feet away from ground-based fireworks and a minimum of hundred and fifty feet away from aerial fireworks. Use caution tape to set the perimeter so everyone will know how far away they need to be.

After Lighting the Fuse

You might want to admire your handiwork, but you must move away from fireworks after lighting the fuse. Quickly move so you are beyond the caution tape when fireworks go off. Otherwise, you could suffer burns to your body.

Don’t Shoot Fireworks If It’s Windy

You never know what the weather will be like on the day of. It might be pretty windy on the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, wind poses a real threat to spectators when watching fireworks. A big gust can fan the sparks out well past the perimeter, so hold off on the firework show. As much as you hate to postpone it, it would be even worse if someone was injured.

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Don’t Relight Fireworks

It is frustrating when a firework does not go off, and you might want to relight it to see if it works a second time. However, dud fireworks pose a real threat. They could explode, so never relight a firework. Instead, walk away from the dud for ten minutes. Then submerge the dud firework in a bucket of water to prevent it from exploding.

If you follow these safety tips, then you should have a safe and exciting Fourth of July. You can protect yourself even more by going to a professional fireworks show instead of lighting them yourself. With the pros doing the hard work, you can sit back and enjoy the dazzling display without worrying about getting injured.

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