Prepare Your Wardrobe For Fall

Woman choosing sweater on rack against white background, closeup
Fall is approaching quickly, and cooler temperatures are on the way. And new fall styles will arrive with brisk breezes and changing leaves. If you haven’t updated your wardrobe, it might be time to go through your closet. Prepare your wardrobe for the fall by bringing out some basics and... [read more]

Plan A Night Out At Peppers Pizzeria

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Since 1998, owner Greg Verret and his wife Carrie have invested heart and soul into feeding friends and neighbors in Thibodaux. Not long after, they opened a Peppers Pizzeria location in Houma that continues to be a popular dining destination. Handmade pizzas taste delicious any time of the day or... [read more]

10 Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Summer is winding down, and many look forward to cooler fall temperatures. And when the brisk fall weather arrives, you’ll want to have your home in Houma, LA, ready. At the end of summer, taking care of some key maintenance issues is essential to ensure that your home is in... [read more]

Learn More About The Incredible Buick Enclave

Buick enclave
Buick has been creating stylish and modern cars and SUVs loaded with features and comfort for years. In 2022, a newly redesigned Buick Enclave arrived to rave reviews. If you haven’t seen the Enclave up close, you’ll want to get a look or even a test drive. Read on to... [read more]

5 Recipes To Add To Your Dinner Rotation

pumpkin chili
As the weather begins to cool and fall breezes blow, it’s also nice to change things up a bit in the kitchen. Different foods are coming into season, bringing in flavors that comfort and fulfill. Get into the spirit of fall with fresh flavors in the kitchen. Try adding these... [read more]

Cool Off With This Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Vanilla ice cream scoops in white bowl
There’s never a bad time for ice cream lovers to enjoy this yummy dessert. However, it’s even more appropriate and satisfying to eat some delicious ice cream during the hot days of summer. But you don’t need to go to a nearby ice cream shop or head to the store... [read more]

The Ultimate College Freshman Packing List

freshman in college
Leaving home and going away for college is a new chapter in a person’s life. If you are about to embark on this adventure, you probably have a wide range of emotions. One way to feel better about this big change is to ensure that you pack everything you will... [read more]

Adventures Are Endless In The 2022 GMC Hummer EV

2022 Hummer EV
Vehicles serve important purposes for you just about every day. However, aside from providing reliable transportation, you can choose a vehicle to take you on thrilling excursions. Some vehicles do this better than others. For example, the GMC Hummer stands apart from the competition as an ideal off-road wonder. Now,... [read more]

Serve Up Some Fun At The Sandbox

Joyful people with volleyball ball
For beach volleyball enthusiasts in Houma, LA, summer is the perfect time to play the sport. Your time on the court will be even more enjoyable when you have a good place to play. Thankfully, a local venue offers this and more. The Sandbox in Houma should be your next... [read more]

Explore The Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge

Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana
Terrebonne Parish is home to beautiful natural freshwater marshes. These areas are crucial for birds and many other creatures. You’ll find dense forests surrounding the marshes and offer food, shelter, and other resources. Five miles south of Houma, you can visit the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge. Explore over 4,000 acres... [read more]