Keep Your Pets Entertained During April Showers

Cute, mixed race siblings, having fun playing with their dog, bichon frise indoors in living room

Your lawn and garden love April showers, but your pup doesn’t feel the same way. In its mind, the rain is a barrier to having fun. It has to stay inside, where it doesn’t have free reign to run around. What’s a dog to do? Fortunately, your pup can have a blast when it’s rainy outside with fun indoor activities. Get the scoop on some of the best ways to keep dogs entertained during April showers.

Play Hide and Go Seek Treats

Dogs tend to like games and treats, and you can maximize the fun by putting the two together on the next rainy day. Have your dog sit while you hide a treat in a spot that’s easy to find. Then release your dog to sniff it out. Once it gets used to the game, you can choose more complicated hiding places.

Oh, and you can also play this game with toys instead of treats. You’ll want to use treats first to get your pup into the game, but then feel free to switch the food out for toys.

Set up an Obstacle Course

If your dog’s feeling especially active, you can set up an indoor obstacle course. You don’t need to get fancy with it, either. You can use towels, toys, laundry baskets, and other items as obstacles. Start with something simple and add to it as your dog gains confidence. Just make sure it doesn’t have to jump too high to get over the obstacles since that might lead to an injury.

Teach Your Pup Some New Tricks

Learning new tricks is mentally stimulating, making it the ideal way to spend a rainy day. You can pick up a dog training book or watch some videos on YouTube. Be sure to have some training treats on hand to reward your pup each time it learns something new.

Schedule a Playdate

Do you know some pet parents who are also trying to figure out how to keep their pups busy when it’s raining? Consider inviting them over for a play date. First, pet-proof your house so your pup’s friends don’t break anything. Then enjoy a full day of play.

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Play Fetch with a Twist

If your dog is agile, playing fetch up and down the stairs is a great way to burn off some energy. Now, if playing fetch is a little too intense, you can also run up and down the stairs with Fido. Just channel your inner Rocky and take those stairs like a beast, with your furry friend following behind you.

Your pup will burn crazy amounts of energy when engaging in these activities. Then you can enjoy some cuddle time together. First, get all the games together, and then get ready to play and cuddle.

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