Up Your Frisbee Game With These Expert Techniques

Brothers toss the frisbee around while the women in the family chat in the background.

In the 1950s, the Healy brothers invented the Frisbee, also called a disc. Initially, they designed it as a “game of guts.” It didn’t take long for it to evolve, as seen with the formation of the International Frisbee Tournament. While it’s common for fads to die, that’s not what happened in this case. Today, people of all ages enjoy playing Frisbee.

Recreational and Competitive

The great thing about Frisbee is that you can play it at a local park with friends or compete in organized events. Either way, you should improve your current skills. The key is to learn and master as many throwing techniques as possible.

Even if you already know these moves, you can use the following tips to improve them.


Of all throws in Frisbee, the backhand is one of the most common. In addition, it feels the most natural. Start by putting four fingers in the disc’s cup, keeping your thumb on top. If you’re right-handed, stand up straight and twist to the left.

At the same time, you’ll need to bend your elbow and wrist in front of your body. That’ll put them in front of the disc. As you release the disc, it’s important to do everything in one fluid motion.

Also, keep the disc as level as you can while spinning it. To complete a perfect backhand throw, remember that bending your wrist and snapping it gives the spin power.


In Frisbee, many people refer to this throw as a “flick.” Overall, it’s not hard to do. However, you’ll need to practice to land it. Among the various throws, the forehand is the most efficient. After all, it doesn’t require much energy. Also, it allows you to throw the disc quickly.

To achieve the desired goal, throw the disc in much the same way you would when skipping rocks on top of the water. The trick to perfecting this throw is to keep it parallel to the ground. For this, place your pointer and middle fingers under the disc while having your thumb on top of it.

In addition, you’ll need to put a slight spin on the disk as you throw it. To do that, pull your wrist back as far as possible before snapping it forward. However, make sure you bring your arm through the motion. That way, it’ll fling off those two fingers. You might need to practice hundreds of throws, but that’ll help you perfect it.

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Hammer Throw

Have you ever watched someone throw an ax as they try to stick it on a specific target? That’s what this particular Frisbee throw looks like. For one thing, it comes in handy as a defense tactic. For another, you can land the disc at an intended player with no problem.

Just as if throwing an ax, hold the disc on the inner side using your pointer and middle fingers with your thumb on the opposite side. As you’ll notice, it’s close to how you’d hold the disc to perform a Forehand throw. Also, you need to position the disc so the top faces the left side of your body.

Now, slightly tip the disc to the left. Then, once it’s even with your forehead, pull back and release. While doing this, always have your elbow bent. Once you master this particular throw, the disc will start somewhat tilted. However, as it sails through the air, it’ll turn upside-down. That way, it lands perfectly on its face.

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