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Make Your Great Escape At Breakin’ The Code

Group of young adults trying to find solution of quest in escape room with antique furniture
Escape rooms put people’s skills and patience to the ultimate test. Whether you invite several friends or family members, you’ll need to find a way out together. That includes uncovering clues, solving puzzles, and completing tasks. Overall, it’s fun, adventurous, and a little bit scary. In Houma, LA, Breakin’ the... [read more]

Break Out At Breakin’ The Code – Houma’s Escape Game

Homa's Escape Game
Do you have a knack for puzzles? Have you always thought you could be a detective, but life took you in a different direction? Find out if you have what it takes to find and solve clues before time runs out by booking a room at Breakin’ the Code –... [read more]

Plan A Girls’ Staycation In Houma

You really want to get out of town, but you don’t have the time or money to take a big trip. It might seem like all hope is lost, but it isn’t. It turns out that Houma is the perfect spot for a staycation. Gather up some gal pals and... [read more]

Break the Code at Breakin’ The Code – Houma’s Escape Room

Breakin' the Code Escape
Eight rooms. Multiple puzzles. A locked door. That’s what you’ll find at Breakin’ The Code. The premise is simple. Each room has a theme, and you pick the one you want. You go in with some friends, and you solve puzzles in an effort to escape. You only have 45–60 minutes... [read more]