Refreshing Backyard Water Games To Play With The Family This Summer

Funny little boy about to splash his head with water balloons.

Brutally hot summer days call for clever and fun ideas to keep you and the family cool. Some of these ideas require minimal supplies, such as water balloons, but others require nothing more than a garden hose. Check out these awesome backyard water games and be prepared to get soaked!

Have Some Fun in the Sun

  • Water Balloon Baseball: This exhilarating backyard water game is fun for the entire family. Get a big group together, stockpile bins of water balloons, and organize an actual baseball game. Adding a Slip-n-Side between each base is a fun touch too if you are looking to get extra creative.
  • Water Balloon Catch:  Make an essential stop at the Dollar Store and grab a few cheap pasta strainers and some helmets. Superglue the strainers to the helmets, put the helmet on, add some water in several balloons, and have a blast!
  • DIY Pop Bottle Sprinkler: Don’t have a sprinkler handy? We’ve got you covered! You will need a two-liter pop bottle and some waterproof tape. Make a few holes in the bottle and attach it to your hose and have hours of fun. This is great for kids and adults, so mom and dad, don’t sit on the sidelines.
  • Water Balloon Sling Shot: This is a must-have for the summer. Having an epic water balloon fight with a slingshot is the way to go. It’s also useful for an awesome water balloon catching contest.
  • The Glow Pool: Enjoy a fun night swim with a lit-up pool. Toss some glow sticks in the water and have a summer night swimming party! This is a ton of fun for kids and adults.

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