Top Tips For The Summertime Grill Master

Man making BBQ in his yard

We are in the heat of the summer, so it’s time for you to reclaim your throne as the honorary grill master of the family. Before you marinate your meat, flip it side to side, and receive all of the praise for your secret, you need a few tips to accomplish a great meal. Food Network provided tips for fantastic summertime grilling, so grab your notepad and keep reading.

Clean Up, Clean Up!

First things first, you need to start with a fresh and clean grill. There’s probably grime on the grates from the last meal you cooked up, so grab your metal brush and get scrubbing. After all, the tuna you grilled the other night won’t mix well with your ribeye, will it?

Flipping Isn’t Such a Good Thing

Sure, flipping the meat back and forth may make you feel like the king of the meats, but it doesn’t actually. The more you flip, the more flavor you lose. That goes for getting too technical for your spatula as well — don’t overly flatten your meats. The juiciest part of the meat is the fatty part, and when you squeeze the meat, you lose the delicous taste.

Have the Tools on Hand

You never know when you are going to need it, so make sure you keep a water spray bottle by the grill. If the flames start to rise, you can save your precious meat, all thanks to a few spritzes. Also, to ensure your dinner is cooked to perfection, keep a meat thermometer on hand as well.

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It’s All in the Temperature

As far as prepping the meat, pull it out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking time. Also, while your food may seem slightly undercooked on the grill, it’s still ready. You see, meat still cooks once it’s off the grill, so you don’t want your masterpiece to be overcooked. And if you want to maintain that juicy flavor, resist your tastebuds for another five to 15 minutes, as it needs to sit and absorb the flavor before being devoured.

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