Who’s Ready For This Year’s Rougarou Fest?

Rougarou Fest

Do you love Halloween? It’s one of the best holidays of the year, especially if you like to be spooked from time to time. But if you’ve spent much time in Houma, you know that things here are done a bit differently. That’s why you’re going to want to come out for this year’s Rougarou Fest. It’s the ideal way to get in the spirit of the Halloween season the Houma way. This year’s Rougarou Fest will on Oct. 26 and 27 in Downtown Houma, and you can’t miss it. Now, get some more information on this exciting festival so you can be a part of the fun.

What’s a Rougarou?

Do you even know what a Rougarou is? Chances are unless you’ve spent a decent amount of time in the area, you may be left scratching your head. Well, the Rougarou is a creature of Cajun folklore, and it’s said to have the head of a wolf or dog and the body of a human. Sounds creepy, right? While it may not be a huge part of Halloween culture in other places in the country, it’s a pretty big deal in Houma.

Rougarou Parade

If there’s one part of this event you don’t want to miss, it’s the Rougarou Parade. Groups of people are getting together to create floats and other fun ways to get down the street and making up the Krewe Ga Rou Parade. It’s going to start at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26, and it will begin at Town Hall on Baron Street. You might want to make sure that you get there a bit early, so you know you’ll have a place to watch the parade go by.

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Costume Contest

Those who love dressing up are going to have a wonderful time participating in the costume contest. This has been voted one of the best costume contests in the country, so you know you’re in for a treat. Get your best spooky outfit together, and then get ready for a lot of fun. There are going to be several categories you can try to win, like most creative, funniest, scariest, and best kid costume. There’s even a category for pets, so make sure you bring your furry friend along.

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