Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

Back-To-School Lunch

If you have little ones, then you’re probably gearing up for back-to-school time – if they’re not already back in the classroom, that is. And with the start of a new school year comes the need to find new, creative lunch ideas that your kids will love. Some children are pretty picky, which means that finding foods they like can be incredibly difficult. But by employing some helpful tips and tricks for back-to-school lunches, you can ensure an empty lunch box every time your kids come home from school. Take a look at some fun and interesting ideas that can make your mornings – and your kids’ lunches – better than ever.

Think Outside the Box

A lot of times, parents think that because their kids are picky, they can’t introduce them to new flavors or cuisines. However, you may just be surprised at how much your children will actually enjoy. Try introducing them to new and exciting foods that they may have never encountered before. Why not make a special salad, like tabbouleh, or make their sandwiches on mini-bagels instead of plain bread? If you get creative with their lunches, you never know what they might end up liking and asking for again.

Make It Pretty

So much of our attraction to food has to do with the visuals. Therefore, you may want to try making your kids’ school lunches look different. Incorporating lots of colorful fruits and veggies can make things look more appealing and can encourage children to eat healthier. Many kids also enjoy fun presentations, like bento boxes, which separates their different food items into individual compartments. Playing with these ideas can make your children love their food even more.

Make Homemade Snacks

You may be used to buying mass-produced snacks that you can easily throw into lunch boxes, but these flavors can get old fast. Sure, it may be the quick and easy way to do things, but you can easily make your own versions of these tried and true snacks. Plus, if you make them in bulk, you don’t have to spend a ton of time on lunch prep every day. Whether you want to make a fresh trail mix or you’d like to try your hand at some granola bars, these options are sure to be big hits.

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Add Veggies to Their Favorites

If you have a hard time getting your kids to eat their veggies, you may want to try to add them to some of their existing favorites. That way, you don’t have to convince them that they’ll actually enjoy them – just sneak them in, and they may never know.

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