Spend A Day At The Regional Military Museum

Little boy looking through museum display window

There are a few weeks left before summer break officially begins, and we guarantee you that your kids are counting down the days. Their agenda for the summer probably includes sleeping in, watching cartoons, and eating all the snacks the moment you bring them home. So, we won’t blame you if you’re already creating a list of activities to keep their minds active during the summer. Instead, we’ll just suggest that you add the Regional Military Museum to your list.

All About the Regional Military Museum

The Regional Military Museum is a non-profit organization. Because of the efforts of its staff and volunteers, you can enjoy a well-rounded history of South Louisiana’s military history. The Regional Military Museum is located right here in Houma, LA. So, you don’t have to plan a day trip to explore the interesting histories that it preserves. But if you want to get an in-depth experience, plan to spend a few hours in the museum.

What’s On Display?

If you’re a history buff you’ll love walking through the aisles of the Regional Military Museum. Inside, you’ll find relics of South Louisiana’s involvement in several military conflicts. There are a lot of things for you and your little historian to explore. Here are just a few of the fun and educational things in the museum.

  • Medals awarded to local veterans and displays with information about their heroic stories
  • Refurbished military vehicles including a military jeep and a helicopter
  • Interactive exhibits and authentic wartime artifacts

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What Era Does the Museum Cover?

There is a lot to discover inside the regional museum. It’s a good thing you have an entire summer to view it all. The most convenient way to break down the museum is through military conflicts. There are currently six conflicts in our history that the museum covers. And, as the staff continues their preservation efforts, you can anticipate three more eras. For now, you can view displays focused on the following military conflicts.

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • The Korean War
  • The Vietnam War
  • The Gulf War
  • The War on Terror

If you plan to keep your child active and engaged in learning this summer, you should add the museum to your list of places to visit. And, when you’ve exhausted all of the military exhibits, come visit us at Barker Buick GMC. We’ll teach you all about how to get a dynamic deal on a model with all the newest features.

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