Brighten Your Home With These Spring DIY Projects

Father and son painting eggs and bunny's for Easter

Spring is full of vibrant colors that transform the outdoors into a visual paradise. You can invite your favorite colors inside by tackling some spring crafting projects. These projects are so easy that your kids can join you for some crafting fun, or you can handle them yourself. Either way, you’ll be proud to display them when you’re finished.

Fabric Carrot Garland

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to hang the garland in your house. Instead, make fabric carrot garland to welcome the spring. First, use a template to trace the pattern onto scraps of fabric. You can even use an old flannel shirt if you wish. Next, sew the pieces of fabric together to turn them into adorable carrots. Finish it off by looping twine around each carrot before hanging the garland from a buffet, mantel, or sideboard.

Thread Spool Monogram

This thread spool monogram craft is a fun way to enjoy your favorite spring colors. First, grab a piece of thick cardboard and trace a letter into it. For instance, if your last name is Jones, you can trace a J. Cut the letter out and use your hot glue gun to attach spools of thread to the cardboard. The cardboard should be thick enough to hold two spools of thread side by side. Then you can hang it on your wall for the rest of the season. In fact, it’s so cute that you might want to keep it up well after spring is over.

Flower and Spool Centerpiece

Are you looking for a simple centerpiece to make? It doesn’t get any easier than this flower and spool centerpiece project. First, gather some assorted spools of different colors and sizes. Then place a flower inside each spool. You can also add an extra step by adding floral foam to the spools. Then you can use a straw to keep the flowers hydrated. If you do this, the centerpiece will last much longer.

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Watering Can Wreath

Do you want to help your guests get into the spring spirit before entering your house? A watering can wreath craft will do the trick. You’ll start with a watering can and flowers. Then arrange the flowers inside the can before adding wire around the handle. Finally, hang the wreath on your front door to brighten up the exterior of your home.

These crafting projects will help you infuse a healthy dose of spring into your décor. Plus, they’re so easy that you can knock them all out in a single afternoon. That’s true, whether you do them yourself to get help from the kiddos.

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