Office Games for National Have Fun at Work Day

Have Fun at Work Day

National Have Fun at Work Day is coming up on Jan. 28. How do you plan to spend it? Are you going to spend it like any other day, or are you going to have some fun? Happy employees are productive employees, so go with the latter. Your entire team needs to have fun at work for the day. Don’t just have fun on Jan. 28, either. Have fun all year long so you can build a strong team.

Here are some great games for building camaraderie at work.

Stealth Binder Clip Tag

Sometimes the best games are the ones that people don’t realize they’re playing until they’re right in the thick of it. That’s the case with binder clip tag. Put a binder clip on an employee at work, but don’t let the person know he or she has been clipped. Eventually, he or she will discover the clip. Then, it’s that person’s job to clip another person. This game goes on and on until someone discovers the clipper in action. That person wins the game. This is a fun way to play with your staff without interrupting productivity.

Secret Missions

Secret missions are also a lot of fun. Assign a different employee a different secret mission each day. As the name indicates, the person cannot let people know about the mission. Make the missions as whacky as you want. You can have someone choose five outrageous lies to tell co-workers throughout the day. At the end of the day, ask people to identify the liar. The person who does wins a prize. If no one identifies the person, he or she wins the prize.

You can also have someone fit a strange word into a sentence. If the person manages to use the word five times without being questioned about it, he or she wins a prize.

These are just a couple of examples. You can get as creative as you want with this game.

Treasure Hunt

Come up with some clues that will lead employees to treasure. Then, have co-workers race against each other to find the hidden treasure. The treasure doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but make it worth people’s while.

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