Satisfy Your Pup’s Taste Buds With These Homemade Baked Goods

Woman feeding her cute dog a pet snack at home

Every dog deserves a good treat! They would love them even more if they saw and smelled them cooking in their human’s kitchen. We have some delicious recipes ready for you to make at home for your furry best friend. Our list varies for all levels of cooking expertise, and they’re safe for humans to eat as well. Check out these paw-fect recipes for your dog of any size!

Peanut Butter Cup Frozen Treats

This 2-ingredient treat will keep your pup cool on a hot summer’s day! All you need is peanut butter and bananas. Mush up the bananas, mix them with the peanut butter, then scoop into small, freezer-safe cups. Let it chill for a few hours then voila! Now, you have a sweet soft serve ice cream that your dog will love.

Dog Donuts

Make your dog feel special by creating these pet-friendly donuts! This super simple recipe only calls for flour, oats, eggs, coconut oil, and peanut butter. Mix it all together, place in a donut pan, then bake! Top it off with greek yogurt and bacon bits for a super realistic donut look!

Bacon Cheddar Treats

Every dog-lover is a little skeptical of the meat-flavored additives that certain brands put in dog food products. Make these savory meaty treats and avoid those sketchy flavor products. This recipe calls for two of every dog’s favorite treats — bacon and cheddar cheese!

Chicken and Wild Rice Biscuits

This recipe is the perfect way to utilize leftover chicken from human meals. Prepared with all-natural ingredients, including chicken, wild rice, flour, salt, chicken broth, and eggs, this recipe is sure to keep your pup satisfied while rewarding them for being such a good dog! Place them in a dog bone mold for an extra special occasion.

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Breath Freshening Treats

This tasty snack will benefit both your dog and you! Even dogs who are a little picky with their food will love this minty fresh treat. This recipe leaves out all of the questionable ingredients that are added to most manufactured dog breath-treating treats.

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