6 Ways To Entertain Your Dog This Season

Labrador Retriever in swimming pool in summer season.

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy some outdoor fun with your dog. Instead of engaging in the same activities as last year, mix it up with these entertaining ideas. These six ways to entertain your dog will be so much fun that they’ll become go-to choices each summer.

Take Your Furry Friend to a Dog Park

Does your dog love to run around off-leash? Take it to a dog park so your dog can have a blast while burning off excess energy. Norman Swanner Dog Park in Thibodaux, Louisiana, is a top choice. Also, be on the lookout for the dog park coming to the Houma Airbase. It’s in the works, so soon, you can head there when your pup wants to go for a run.

Sign Up for Competitive Training

Your pup might know basic commands, such as sit and stay. Those help with obedience, but what if your dog wants to show the world how talented it is? Sign your pup up for competitive training classes so it can learn how to navigate obstacles, jump through hoops, and more.

Take a Swim

If your dog likes the water, let it cool off in a pool this summer. Don’t worry if you don’t have an inground or above-ground pool. You can get a kiddie pool for your pup. Fill it with water and then play fetch. Throw the ball into the pool so your dog can splash in and retrieve it. This will help it stay cool while playing its favorite game.

Take Your Pup Shopping

You can enjoy a day in the sun by taking your dog window shopping around Houma. After, stop by PetSmart to pick out a new toy for your furry friend. Dogs are allowed in, and your pup is sure to enjoy helping you choose the right toy. Your dog will also love all the attention it will get while walking around the aisles.

Go Camping

Camping is a popular pastime in Louisiana, and your dog is sure to love joining in the fun. Reserve a spot at a pet-friendly campground so your pup can enjoy the great outdoors and sleep under the stars. Don’t be surprised if hiking becomes its new favorite activity. After all, there are lots of smells to check out on the hiking trails, so your dog will have the time of its life.

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Make Fido Your Workout Buddy

Do you like working out in the summer? If so, bring fido along with you. You can get a unique leash to use while biking or stick with the standard leash and take it for a jog. Your pup might even enjoy doing some yoga with you this summer. It probably already has the downward dog down, so let your dog try different positions as well.

These ideas will help you have the best summer yet with your dog. Make some plans and get ready to tackle one activity after the next this season.

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