Enjoy Date Night In With These Activities

Couple eating ice cream together in the kitchenDate night with your loved one doesn’t have to be an expensive, large production. Restaurants often offer low-quality service and pricy menu items, so instead of planning the same old dinner date for two, plan a unique date night in. With these five ideas, your creativity is sure to impress your partner!

Pretend the Electricity is Out Date

While the idea of no air conditioning, proper refrigeration, or the most daunting, no Wi-Fi may sound unbearable, becoming unplugged results in a romantic evening for two. Although the power may not actually be out, you can pretend. Plan an evening in front of the fireplace roasting marshmallows, play guessing games, and end the night cozied up in a fort. If your partner’s favorite season is winter, they will love this date idea, no matter the time of year.

Having a Tasting Party For Two

Calling all foodies — a tasting party for two sounds right up your alley. Whether you want to explore an assortment of ice creams, various pizza deliveries, or an assortment of meats and cheeses, make it a battle of the foods. Also, make sure you take notes from after every bite, so you two can decide which is the best of the best.

Travel Inspired Date Night In

If you are looking to enjoy different countries and cultures, you don’t have to hop on a flight to travel around the world. Although this idea may require lots of planning, the evening you will share together will be well worth it. Make one room Italy and share pizzas together, next, venture into the living room, or Mexico, for a nacho bar, and the dining room, Japan, for sushi as the finale. Both your stomachs and hearts will be full after an evening of “travel.”

Learn Each Other’s Love Languages

While those online relationship tests sound intriguing, it’s hard to find the time to take them. Take this free love language quiz over dinner together and find out how to love each other in the most suitable ways. Exploring these qualities will take your relationship to the next level.

Fight it Out Date Night

Fight night? Before you turn down this idea, consider a food, pillow, or water gunfight. Enhance each partner’s competitive side with a little game of fun, and may the best one win! Whoever the “loser” is will be in charge of planning the next date night. Sometimes it’s fun to get a little messy, but make sure you take the tomato throwing and water guns outside.

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