Downtown Houma Courthouse Chili Cook-Off

Chili Cook-Off

Have you been craving chili lately, but you don’t know why? It’s because your stomach knows it’s almost time for the annual chili cook-off. Yep, the 7th Annual Downtown Houma Courthouse Chili Cook-Off will be on March 10 from noon to 4 p.m.

There are so many reasons to attend the cook-off, but here are a few that stand out.

Taste Southern Style Chili

Everyone in Houma seems to have a chili recipe. Seriously, you’ve probably tasted your share of chili during Super Bowl parties and Mardi Gras celebrations, and you’ve even grabbed a bowl or two from a local restaurant. However, you don’t know everyone in Houma, so now is your chance to taste chili from people you’ve yet to meet. Not only will you taste the chili, but you’ll get to help choose a winner. Of course, if you have your own chili recipe, you can enter for a chance to win the $500 first-place prize.

Try Local Bloody Marys

So apparently, most people add more than Zing Zang to their bloody mary mixes. Who knew? You can give some local bloody marys a taste at the chili cook-off. For the first time, the chili cook-off also includes a bloody mary contest. Just like with the chili cook-off, you’ll be tasked with helping choose a winner. If you have a secret recipe, you can enter. If not, show up and get to drinking.

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Listen to Live Music

Chili and bloody marys always taste better when there’s live music. Reaux Shambo will be at the cook-off. Just try to keep your feet still during the live music. You’ll feel like dancing all around. Well, of course, the bloody marys might add to that feeling a bit, as well. Between the drinking and the music, you’re going to burn off some calories moving around.

Nothing beats chili, right? Well, there is one thing in Houma that’s even better than chili, and that’s a new ride from Barker Buick GMC in Houma, Louisiana. Your new set of wheels will be with you day in and day out, ready to take you from one adventure to the next. Stop by and pick up your new ride. Then, get ready for the chili cook-off.

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