Explore and Play at the Bayou Country Children’s Museum

Children's Museum

Your kids love to play and learn: That’s why you should take them to the Bayou County Children’s Museum. This interactive museum has all kinds of exhibits that will inspire young minds, and you don’t want your kid to miss out. Check out everything there is to do at the museum, and then plan a day to go. Your kid will have a great time learning and exploring everything there is to offer, and you’ll love watching them having the time of their lives.

Heath & Wellness Exhibit

Good health is the foundation for a good life. When you visit the health and wellness exhibit at the children’s museum, your kids can learn all about healthy habits; this will help them navigate the world of food choices, exercise, and preventative maintenance. They will also learn about taking care of the planet, including a ton of information on reducing, reusing, and recycling. All the information is presented in a way that children can understand and will enjoy; it won’t even feel like they are learning.


Do your kids know what to do in case of an emergency? They will learn when they visit the Safetyville exhibit. A real deputy is at the exhibit, giving kids important information about how to stay safe around the house, including information about what to do in a fire, how to protect yourself during severe weather like a tornado, and even how to create a personal safety plan. All of this information will help your child stay safe even when you’re not around.

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Toddler Town

If you’re bringing a very young child along, you can take a trip to Toddler Town, a fun exhibit that is perfect for little ones. They can climb up the stairs, go down the slide, and even make their way through tunnels. Help them get in touch with their creative side by playing with the block table, and see what you’ll be able to find on the I Spy Wall. While the older kids are exploring different parts of the museum, toddlers and babies can have a great time right here.

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