Have A Craft Day With These DIY Ornaments

Christmas decorBefore you go digging through your attic and braving cobwebs to find your dusty old box of Christmas ornaments, consider starting a new family tradition by making your own!

Making your own Christmas ornaments is a great way to spend quality family time, spark creativity, as well as develop your children’s sense of wonder and holiday spirit. From wooden designs, jingle bells, and even materials you can find in your own backyard, making your own family ornaments can save you money and create lifelong holiday memories. Thanks to House Beautiful, making your own ornaments is easier than ever with this helpful list of DIY Christmas ornament designs.

Wood Slice Ornament

Creating a wood slice ornament is a great way to go for that natural look and feel this holiday season. All you’ll need to make this ornament is wood slices, a wood-burning tool, and an X-acto knife. If done correctly, these trendy ornaments will look like they came straight from a local boutique.

Jingle Bells Ornament

This next festive holiday ornament is great for the kids to do on their own. All you’ll need is a few jingle bells, pipe cleaners, ribbon, and glue. This one is quick, easy, and can last year after year.

Twig Tree Ornaments

Twig tree ornaments are super fun because you can find the materials needed right in your own backyard! For this you’ll need some small twigs, popsicle sticks, and yarn. Simply glue the twigs onto the popsicle stick in a tree-like design, and then glue two ends of yarn to the top of the popsicle stick to create a loop. For an added touch, use star-shaped sequins to resemble ornaments on your Christmas tree.

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Sprinkle Confetti Ornament

These easy-to-make ornaments will add a big splash of color to your Christmas tree this year. All you’ll need to do is take an ordinary clear Christmas ornament and fill it with colorful sprinkles of your choosing.

Enjoy the memories and the crafts that will both last for seasons to come! 

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