DIY Your Dinner Table This Holiday Season

decorated table for thanksgiving dinner

Sometimes using the same old holiday decorations can get boring. No one likes looking at the same plastic pumpkins and fake fall foliage centerpieces year after year. Check out some of these super simple and easy do-it-yourself Thanksgiving decorations that are sure to bring out your inner crafty side!

Pumpkin Candle Holders

This cute little decorating hack is sure to give every Thanksgiving table a fun boost! Grab some teeny tiny pumpkins from your grocery store’s produce section or your local farmer’s market. Carve a hole in the top of the pumpkin around the stem so you can place candle sticks inside. Now, you have a festive candle holder that will light up the room! The best part about this DIY craft is that it can be done super last-minute.

Corn Husk Wreath

This gorgeous door hanger will wow your guests before they even walk inside your home! The natural corn husks provide soft, warm fall colors that will create a rustic look for your front door. Wrap the husks around a wire wreath mold to get a sunburst shape. It doesn’t have to be just another piece of outdoor décor. You can hang it on your mantle or on a wall of its own as a major statement piece in your home.

Autumn Leaves Table Runner

Go outside and gather up some of the prettiest fallen leaves you can find. Pro tip: make sure the leaves you find are in a good shape. You won’t want any with missing corners or tears for this crafty hack! Using some shimmery gold paint, dip your leaves, then press them onto a white table runner to make a decadent leafy pattern.

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Succulent Cornucopia

This DIY hack ties in the current succulent craze with the classy Thanksgiving cornucopia. Stuff a woven cornucopia with succulents you can find in the fake flowers section of any home décor store. Place it on a coffee table in your living room, or make it the centerpiece of your dinner table. This hip floral display will look great as a staple piece added to any room in your home.

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