Get Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready With These Tips and Tricks

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Are you itching to hit the road now that winter’s finally over? First, you need to make sure your car is ready for the open road. Thus, check out these maintenance tasks to get your vehicle ready for an adventure.

Check and Change the Fluids

First, review your maintenance records to determine if it’s time to change your fluids. As a general rule, you need to change your:

  • Radiator fluid every 40,000 miles
  • Brake fluid every 24,000 miles
  • Power steering fluid every 50,000 miles
  • Transmission fluid every 30,000-100,000 miles, depending on the vehicle

If it’s not time to change the fluids, check the levels, and top them off if necessary. Be sure to top off the windshield washer fluid as well so you can keep your windshield clean when driving.

Replace Your Brake Pads If Needed

You want your vehicle to stop on command when you’re out and about, so make sure your brakes are in good shape. First, listen for screeching and squealing sounds that indicate it’s time to replace your pads. Also, check for other issues, such as taking longer to come to a full stop. If you notice any problems, have a technician check your brakes before you leave for your trip.

Also, you’ll need to replace your brake pads if they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. Your driving style and the type of brake pads you have impact wear and tear. Thus, some people need to replace them every 25,000 miles, while others can drive for 70,000 miles before getting new brake pads.

See If You Need New Tires

Old, worn-out tires and road trips don’t mix, so determine if you need new ones before heading out. On average, you need new tires every 25,000-50,000 miles. If you’re near the mileage limit, get new ones before your adventure.

Are your tires below the mileage limit? Sometimes, they wear out well before that milestone, so you should use the penny test to check the tread. Place a penny face down between the tread and see if you can spot the top of Lincoln’s head. If you can, it’s time to get new tires.

Check the Air Pressure

Checking the air pressure is also essential before going on a trip. The incorrect pressure can impact safety and handling, meaning you might end up on the side of the road. Thus, check the pressure for each tire, and add or remove air if needed. Then put the tire pressure gauge in your car so you can check it every 1,000 miles during your trip.

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Test Your Lights

You don’t want to get pulled over for having a blown taillight or headlight, so check everything before leaving. First, slide behind the wheel and apply the brakes and turn signals while someone else inspects your car from the outside. If something isn’t working, replace it before embarking on your adventure.

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