Grab Some Grub At Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse

pork ribs grilled with BBQ sauce

Mouthwatering barbecue takes time to make, and it’s hard to fit it into your schedule during the holiday season. Fortunately, you can enjoy mouthwatering barbecue without the time and effort at Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse in Houma, LA. This is the best barbecue joint around, as well as one of the tastiest overall restaurants. Check out some reasons why a trip to Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse is a must.

Chow Down on Award-Winning Barbecue

Each year, Louisiana residents get to cast votes in The Courier and Daily Comet’s Best of the Best contest. In 2019 and 2020, Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse secured the award for Best Barbecue, but that’s not all. The barbecue joint also took home the award for the Best Overall Restaurant in the parish. That means the barbecue is so divine that it’s a cut above everything else, from burgers to steak and pizza. Now, that’s quite the accomplishment.

And Houma residents aren’t the only ones raving about the menu. Owner Mike Lewis has also won awards at barbecue competitions. It turns out that the meat and sauces are a hit everywhere.

Enjoy Fresh, Homemade BBQ and Sides

Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse has a killer menu full of slow-cooked meats and delicious sides. By using fresh meat and ingredients, each item is full of flavor. Some of the most popular items include the crawfish boudin, smoked jerk wings, and smoked brisket. With 14 hours of smoking time, the brisket is so tender and flavorful that your tastebuds will go wild. Oh, and you’re also sure to love the baby back ribs soaked in the homemade sauce. The sauce is the perfect blend of sweetness and heat and complements the tender meat.

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Dig Into Delicious Food With or Without Sauce

At some barbecue joints, the sauce is necessary. It’s needed to mask the bland flavor of the meat, but that’s not the case here. If you prefer to go without sauce, the ribs, brisket, and other dishes taste amazing on their own. In fact, the team at Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse serves the sauce on the side so you can decide how to devour your meal.

These are just a few of the many reasons that people love Big Mike’s BBQ Smokehouse. You’ll also find a friendly staff, a downhome atmosphere, and so much more. If you want a relaxing and delicious meal, stop by today.

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