Tour New Orleans Restaurants

New Orleans Restaurants Tour

Perhaps you live close to New Orleans, but do you really know much about New Orleans cuisine? Sure, sure, you eat the jambalaya and beignets, but New Orleans cuisine is about so much more. Leave those touristy foods behind with the Riverbend Carrollton Food Tour. This tour avoids all the tourist traps and gives you a local’s perspective on New Orleans cuisine. Tickets start at $69 for adults, and it is worth every penny.

The Food

You know New Orleans is full of great food, but you’ve never tasted it like this. You’ll try a bunch of stuff, but the classic Catfish Sandwich 1946-style is the best. Words don’t do this sandwich justice, so just go and try it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a catfish sandwich before. You’ve never had this catfish sandwich.

The boudin comes in a close second. You might have picked up some boudin at a restaurant or tow, but this boudin is from a bar. That’s where you’ll find the best boudin in New Orleans. As an extra treat, you can order some alcohol to go with your boudin if you want. No pressure, but boudin tastes even better when paired with a cocktail. But remember, you don’t want to act like a tourist. You want to look like a local, so don’t order the Hurricane or Hand Grenade. Leave those drinks for the tourists.

Cool Architecture and History

Food is only part of what is on the menu. Your guide will also show off some of the city’s architecture. You won’t just look at it though. Your guide will share some interesting stories as well.

See a Cemetery

Wear some comfortable shoes so you can go to a local cemetery at the end of the tour. Your guide will ask if you’re up for taking a little walk, and if you are, you’ll get to go. It’s worth the trip. You probably know that Louisiana has some gorgeous cemeteries that are full of history. You can see one with your own eyes at the end of the tour.

This food tour will ignite your senses and open your eyes to everything Louisiana has to offer. You’ll want to go out and explore, and that will be easy with a new ride from Barker Buick GMC in Houma, Louisiana. Come and see us before you go on your tour so you can get your new wheels. Then, explore Louisiana and beyond.


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