Tips For Meal Prepping This Year

meal prep container

Meal prepping is all the rage these days and there’s no better time to get started than here at the beginning of the year! All you have to do it cook a bunch of food and then eat it – simple and delicious right? If the idea of meal prepping makes you stressed, here are some simple tips and tricks of meal-prepping that are sure to help you out!

Find Out What Works for YOU

There is not just one correct way to meal prep! Everyone meal preps in different ways and you need to find what works best for you. You can make all of your meals for the week at one time, cooking lots of food and separating it out into meal boxes. You can also make all of your separate building blocks the meal, including the meat, veggies, and starches. Then, dish them out as you are packing your lunch for the day. There are lots of ways to prepare your meals ahead of time.

Double Up

An easy tip for meal-prepping is buying and preparing double of whatever you would typically do! This way you have plenty of food and many meals for the week.

Plan it Out

You need to decide what you want to eat and what you are going to buy before you hit up the grocery store! Write out what you will eat each day and when you will have the time to cook your food. This way, you aren’t buying food that you don’t need and you have a concrete plan for the week.

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Mix and Match

If you are making a surplus amount of one thing, you don’t have to eat it the same way for every meal! Say you have a huge batch of fried rice in your fridge, steam some veggies and have that for a few meals, then have some steak bites with it for a change of pace. If you have a large rotisserie chicken, eat it with barbecue sauce for a few meals then throw it on top of a pizza for others.

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