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Visit These Local Houma Landmarks

The Houma area is full of exciting sights and landmarks that you should check out the next time you’re out and about. Consider taking a tour of the city, so you can see it all. You’ll be impressed by all the cool sights the city has to offer. St. Francis de... [read more]

Spend A Day Exploring These Houma Museums

Houma Museums
Do you get all your history out of books or by browsing the internet? That’s a terrific way to gather some information, but nothing beats seeing history in person. That’s why you need to get out and explore a local museum. Houma is home to two excellent museums, and each... [read more]

Pest Control Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in Houma

Pest Control
There are so many great things about living in the south. There are the friendly people and the delicious food. Then, of course, there’s the LSU football. There is one drawback, though. Pests love the south as much as southerners do, and they can get really annoying. Fortunately, Houma has... [read more]

Check Out This List of Famous Houmaians

Famous Houmaians
You think that no one famous comes from Houma, but that’s far from the truth. Throughout history, Houma has been home to countless famous people, and four of them stand out. Who knows? You might be the next famous person to call Houma home. Brandon Jacobs Brandon Jacobs was born in Houma... [read more]