Go On A Swamp Tour This Summer

Discovering an Alligator swamp.

Houma, LA, and the surrounding areas are home to swamps and wetlands. If you have never explored this environment, this summer is a good opportunity. You might undoubtedly discover some new sights and sounds. There is a lot to learn about swamps, including the plants and animals that live there. You might also find much more to do in a swamp area than you thought.

Plenty of Tour Options

There are a lot of aspects of swamp tours that you can appreciate. You can choose from numerous different tours and locations in the area. The Upper Region has a tour available, while the Between Two Rivers Region has three. If you’re looking at the Bayou Teche Corridor Region, you have nine different tours at your disposal. Likewise, the Coastal Zone Region offers nine tours in different spots in the area.


In addition, you can make a getaway out of your swamp tour. Most of the available tours have a base at a campground or similar area. Here, you can stay in a cabin or trailer. Or, if you prefer, feel free to pitch your tent. The tours themselves have guides and may occur in a swamp boat, fishing boat, or similar vessel such as an airboat.

What to See and Experience

One of the biggest appeals to going on a swamp tour is learning about the area’s history. Some tours will teach you about the local Cajun culture. Moreover, you can find tours that play Cajun music and give the tour in French. Examples include the Bayou Black Airboat Service tour, the Cajun Man’s Swamp Tours & Adventures, and the Wetland Tour & Guide Service in Bayou Dularge.

You will learn more about and appreciate the wildlife in the swamps. The areas are teeming with waterfowl. In addition, the swamps are home to large moss-covered cypress trees and other plants native to the marshy areas. However, you may feel most intrigued to spot an alligator or two along the way. The tour guides will also discuss the ecology and history of the swamp and the environment.

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How to Get Started

To take a tour, you will need to make a reservation. Spots go quickly, so it’s best to book your trip as much in advance as you can. You can also inquire about renting houseboats or fishing boats to use in the area. Some of the tours are open seven days a week, year-round. Make sure you ask about the hours and days on which you can participate.

A swamp tour may not be at the top of your list of summer activities in Louisiana, but it should be. You may discover beauties and interests that you never knew about.

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