Spring Cleaning Checklist: Car Edition

Man cleaning carAs we crawl out from our winter hibernation it’s important to get ready for the spring and summer months ahead. A great way to do that is with none other than a little spring cleaning. For most of us, probably more than our car could use a good tidying up. But, for now, let’s look at a couple of musts on our to-do lists before the summer sun arrives.

Where to Start

Start from the inside and work your way out. First, remove any junk or floating items from your precious vehicle’s cabin. No one likes to move stuff off of a seat to sit down or have to hold a drink the entire drive because there isn’t room in the cupholders. After that, it never hurts to give your vehicle a nice springtime vacuum. Once your seats and floorboards are looking spiffy wipe down all of the interior surfaces to get out all of those dried-on coffee spots and smudges.

The Details 

The next task is something so many people neglect. Clean out your compartments! Yes, that means, center console, glovebox, door cupholders, and even the storage in the back of your seats. Don’t forget the trunk too.

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Moving to the Outside 

After the inside of your vehicle has been restored, turn your focus to the exterior. Take an afternoon this spring to give your car a thorough wash and perhaps even a wax or polish. The winter months are often harsh on the exterior of our car and we frequently carry blemishes on the paint into the warmer months. Also, be sure not to forget the tires when you do give your car it’s springtime bath. 

There’s only but a few more things on the checklist before your spring cleaning is complete. Make sure all of your windows inside and out have been cleansed. And do yourself a favor by checking your windshield wipers while you’re at it to see if they need to be exchanged for new ones. Lastly, take a look under the hood. Clean any corrosion off of your battery and any other unwanted smudges or particles under the hood.

Now your car is ready for sunny days and good times! Of course, if detailing your car doesn’t sound like fun, you can always bring it to Barker Buick GMC. Our friendly staff and highly trained technicians are more than happy to help.

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