Explore Wellness At Root2Rise


Do you need some help getting healthy? If you’re ready to change your lifestyle, Root2Rise in Houma can help. It’s part healthy food cafe and part yoga studio, and so much fun. It’s an excellent place to hang out, grab a bite to eat, and work on your yoga moves.

If you drop in for class, it costs $15. A 10-pack is $120, and a 20-pack is $220. You can also get a monthly membership. An unlimited membership is $100 for one month or $250 for three months. There are also other membership options available, so talk to the staff and sign up for the best one for your health needs.

Need some convincing? Get the details about this studio.

The Duo Behind the Studio

Shantelle Abshire and Leah Porche are the brains behind Root2Rise, and each brings something different to the studio. Abshire specializes in yoga. She fell in love with it while practicing it and went on to become a yoga instructor.

Porche is a nutrition specialist. The registered dietician discovered juicing when she was embarking on her own health journey and quickly realized it can help people get healthier.

The two hired a health-conscious staff to help them develop a menu for the studio, and it’s phenomenal. You can get energizing drinks, smoothie bowls, and other items that contain organic and fair-trade ingredients. You’ll seriously feel healthier when you’re just browsing the menu.

A Sustainable Business

Root2Rise isn’t just about helping others live healthy lives. It’s about making the planet healthier as well. If you take your food home with you, the staff will pack it in a container that consists of recycled materials. If you leave your leftovers there, the staff will compost it and take it to a farm to feed the chickens. Nothing goes to waste here.

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Afraid of Yoga? This Studio Is Welcoming

If you’ve never done yoga before, this studio is an excellent place to start. It offers a huge variety of classes, and the instructors are welcoming and helpful. You’ll be surprised by how many moves you can already do, and when you get stuck, someone will be there to lend a hand.

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