Try A New Bow Style This Year

Young smiling woman packing Christmas presentFor many Christmas lovers, the art of Christmas present wrapping can be just as important as the gift underneath it. After you’ve mastered the art of wrapping, you’re most likely looking for the perfect bow to top it all off. While you could run to the big box store to get that perfectly-manicured bow, you could also learn how to make one at home for a fraction of the cost. 

While creating that exquisitely picturesque bow may seem like a daunting task, all it really takes is a little bit of practice before you’re crafting a wrapping paper masterpiece. That’s why the folks over at BHG have come up with these helpful suggestions on how to create perfect holiday bows!

Rosette Bow

Also known as a pom-pom bow, the rosette bow may seem challenging because of all the loops. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to make. Start by cutting 15 inches of ribbon, and keeping the ribbon straight, fold it back and forth to form two loops at the top and bottom center. Then, cross the right loop over the left loop, which will then create a third loop at the base. Now, fold the left loop behind the right, and through the bottom. Finally, pull the loops so that the bow is taut, and trim the excess.

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Paper Bow

This modern take on gift bows is not only stylish but also super easy to make. For this one you’ll need cardstock, wrapping paper, or felt; double-sided tape; hot glue; and scissors. First, start by cutting out your bow pattern on your felt or cardstock. Keep in mind that you’ll need double-sided material for this. After cutting three pieces, attach the bow by folding the rounded ends so that they meet in the middle. Secure the pieces together using a hot glue gun. After the folded edges are dry, glue a rectangular piece of material to the center to complete the bow look. 

Ta-da! Now you’ll be giving the best-looking gifts in the family!

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