Take The Kids To The Louisiana Children’s Museum

Louisiana Children’s Museum

Are you looking for something fun to do with the little ones? Check out the Louisiana Children’s Museum. This hands-on museum has all kinds of cool exhibits the little ones will love, and admission is only $10. Grab your kiddos and head to the museum for hours of fun.

And just what will your kids experience? Get the scoop on some of the coolest aspects of this museum.

Role-Playing Fun

What kid doesn’t like to roleplay? Remember when you were a kid and you could pretend that a stick was a sword or take canned goods out of the cabinets and act like you were running a grocery store? Your kids can have the same kind of fun at the children’s museum but on a much bigger scale. There are all kinds of role-playing opportunities, such as the kid-sized grocery store where kids can roll their own carts through the store. They can also act like clerks. There is even an eye center there where kids can make appointments with the eye doctor. These are just a few examples of the cool role-playing opportunities available at the museum.

Get Artsy

Your kids love art, but you hate the mess. Fortunately, the art museum has an area that’s perfect for your budding artists. They can draw, paint, make collages, and even explore the art of making sculptures. Best of all, the museum handles the mess. You get a work of art without the cleanup. That’s a huge win.

Talk and Play

Books are the key to a good education. When your kids read, they learn, and the world around them grows. The Talk and Play Center makes books more fun. Your kids can dress up and perform a play, bringing their favorite books to life. They can also stop by the storytelling area, where they will hear some of their favorite stories. They can even make music here. If you want to get your kids excited about books, this is an excellent place to start.

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Keep Kids Safe

You worry about your kids, just like any parent does. You want to make sure they are as safe as possible, so a trip to the Safety Zone is in order. You’ll learn how to identify safety hazards and will also get instructions on dialing 911. That’s not all, though. They’ll get some great information on managing their own feelings and emotions.

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