Give Back This Holiday Season At These Local Charities


When you think about the holidays, you probably think about what you can do for the people you know and love. Of course, you’re going to want to do plenty of that, but what about doing something to help people you don’t even know? There are so many people living in your community that could use your help, and giving back is the perfect way to get into the holiday season. So, if you want to do something positive for the people in your community, take a look at these local charities. No matter how you want to give or donate your time, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Project Learn

Not everyone has access to the same educational opportunities, which is why Project Learn is going above and beyond to offer educational services to people who need help in the community. This organization helps everyone from pre-K students all the way up through adults. So, there’s no limit on its impact on the community. Help a child get a head start in school or encourage an adult to get his or her GED. It all makes an enormous difference.

Options for Independence

Those who suffer from mental health issues often have a difficult time getting what they need to thrive. Many become homeless, and many more have difficulties becoming independent. That’s where Options for Independence comes in. This organization does everything it can to provide resources for the people who need them the most.

South Louisiana Center for the Arts

People do need the basics to survive. But if you truly want a community to thrive, you have to offer the people there something to live for. That’s why there’s the South Louisiana Center for the Arts. It brings artistic and cultural events to the area, including plays, musicals, and more. If you want to see a greater emphasis on the arts, then this is the charity you’ll want to support.

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Civitan International

People who are developmentally disabled deserve a place in the community, too, and that’s just what Civitan International is trying to create. This organization helps with the Special Olympics, which is a program that helps those with developmental disabilities grow their confidence and find fun and fitness through sports. It’s a fun organization to work with, so make sure you check it out!

With so many different options for charities you can give back to, you should have an easy time donating to or volunteering at these charities this holiday season.

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