Have Some Fun At Greenwood Gator Farm

Greenwood Gator Farm

Have you always wondered what life on the bayou is like? Learn about it firsthand with Greenwood Gator Farm and Tours in Gibson, LA. You can take a tour of the farm or the swamp, where you’ll encounter gators and more. You can even hold a birthday party at the farm. Get ready to get up close and personal with the wildlife of the bayou when you visit this farm.

The Swamp Tour

Nothing beats going on a guided swamp tour with someone who knows the bayou, and that’s what you’ll get when you hop on an airboat at Greenwood Gator Farm. Your tour guide will have two goals in mind. First, he’s going to teach you about the swamp, and second, he’s going to ensure you see some wildlife. That, of course, includes gators.

Just how does your guide make sure you get to see a gator? It’s all about the marshmallows. See, gators can only see black and white, so the guides use marshmallows to get their attention. They throw them out in the water, and the Gators come to eat them. They’ll come up to your airboat, so you’ll get to look them right in the eyes.

When you aren’t interacting with the Gators or learning about the swamp, your guide will open up the airboat and let it fly through the water. These boats get pretty fast, so expect an intense experience.

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The Farm Tour

You’ll learn all about gators during the farm tour. You might spot some gator eggs and gators in different stages of life. The coolest part is holding the baby gator, though. First, expect to be surprised by how soft the underside of the gator is. Second, you get your picture taken with the gator, so you can show your friends how brave you are. While they’re sitting at home watching Netflix, you’re holding a real alligator. Sure, it’s a baby gator, but still, that’s pretty intense.

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