Start 2021 Off With Good Feng Shui

Couple moving sofa in living room, replacing furniture at homeFeng shui is a way of arranging things in a room to establish balance with nature. The goal of this method is to achieve harmony between an individual and his/her environment by harnessing energy forces. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be difficult!

With help from The Spruce, we’ve compiled a few ideas together that should get you started on your path to a happier and more harmonious home. Here are a few essential steps to creating good feng shui in your home.

Enter The Light

The entry represents the way energy enters your home and your life. The front door is called the “mouth of qi.” The entry is the first place to start when creating good feng shui in your home. A lot of stuff gets left at the front door, so first things first, declutter the area and get rid of all the junk. This makes a place for the energy coming into your home to collect and accumulate. Last but not least, make sure this place is well lit. 

Command Your Position

In feng shui, the commanding position is one of the most important aspects. Your position in life is determined by this. Keep this in mind when deciding where to put your bed, desk, and stove. Why? Because according to the principles of feng shui, your bed is a representative of you. The desk is symbolic of your career. The stove represents your wealth and riches. 

Make sure you can see the door from these spaces. Sitting at the desk, lying in bed, or cooking at the stove, you’ll want to be able to see the door. It’s ok if you’re diagonal or “caddy-corner” from the door. You will receive positive energy and the best opportunities when you are in a commanding position.

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Remove Obstacles

Take a look at the path you take through your home every day. From the moment you wake up and get out of bed to the moment you head out the door. Remove all obstacles from your way and let the energy move you. In everyday life, we become desensitized to blocks and physical obstacles. It might be that light fixture that flickers or that door that always gets stuck and you have to slam it shut. Over time these obstacles can accumulate and create problems, so it’s important to notice the obstacles and adjust with kindness. Do one thing at a time.

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