Get Movin’ And Shakin’ At Studio 371

Dance Class

Do you think you have two left feet? Think you can’t dance to a beat, no matter what? You can, but you have to go to Studio 371. This is the best place to take dance lessons whether you are a beginner or you’ve been doing the tango for years. You can take group or private lessons and even get personal coaching. Plus, there are monthly dance parties.

Who knew you could have this much fun dancing?

The Dances

So, what kind of dances can you expect to learn at Studio 371? How does a little bit of everything sound? You can learn the waltz, swing, salsa, bolero, country two-step, foxtrot, and more. No matter what dance you’re learning, you can expect the best instruction in the business. Private lessons are the best way to get personalized instruction. You can go with a partner, or you can go by yourself. People often use this to prepare for a special event. Think of how you can wow your spouse when you break out in a foxtrot at your wedding.

Have a Dance Party

Now, Studio 371 does have a monthly dance party, but you don’t have to wait for it to have a little party here. You can take reserved group lessons for a minimum of six people. You and your buds can enjoy an hour of instruction. Learning a dance together is crazy fun. You will laugh so hard, but you’ll come away with some new skills. Then, you and your pals can go out clubbing to show off your new dance moves.

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No Contracts

Yeah, all this sounds great, but you don’t want to sign your life away. You don’t want to commit to months of lessons when you aren’t even sure if you’ll like them.

Here’s one of the biggest selling points. This is a contract-free dance studio. You can come in for a single lesson, and you don’t have to attend anymore if you don’t want. Of course, you’ll probably want to attend some more once you see how much fun you can have twirling around the dance floor.

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