Fish Fry Recipes You Need To Try

Fish and chips/fries on a plate

There is definitely an art when it comes to a fish fry. Anyone in the south who knows a thing or two about fish understands there are a few crucial steps in the fish frying process: the slice, the soak, and the seasoning. If the fish start to curl, it means you incorrectly sliced them. Having a consistent thickness to your filets will prevent the curling factor. Next is the soak. Leave your fish in a bowl of buttermilk before you begin, this will get rid of that extreme fish smell. Last, but certainly not least, is the seasoning step. Adding that savory and spicy flavor to your dish is the most essential part of any fish fry. Now that you have these three steps in mind, it’s time to add them to these delicious fish fry recipes. You and your family’s tastebuds are welcome!

  • Jeannie’s Kickin’ Fried Fish – This delicious Cajun recipe calls for some delicious spices, breadcrumbs, and roasted onion flakes. You’re going to want to go with tilapia filets here, but cod is a solid alternative.
  • Crispy Friend Fish – Again, the Cajun seasoning is a must here. This is popular among many, and when you create for yourself, you will soon see why!
  • Southern Fried Catfish – This is a very popular dish in the south. Although it can be prepared in a variety of ways, frying it in cornmeal coating is the most traditional way, and delicious too. Make sure you get some delicious hush puppies to go along with this dish as well.

Bring back the Friday night fish fry with these three incredibly delicious recipes. There is even room for you and your family to add your own spices and seasoning to each. Have fun and enjoy!

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