Enjoy a Day of Health, Wellness, and Fun at Family Fest

Health and Wellness Planks

Louisiana has the fifth-highest adult obesity rate, according to the State of Obesity report. If you have children, you want to help them deviate from that trend. Help your kids learn about healthy living by attending St. Elizabeth Family Fest on Jan. 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The festival will be at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center, and it will give the entire family the tools necessary to be healthy.

What Is Family Fest?

St. Elizabeth Hospital in Gonzales hosts Family Fest. This award-winning hospital is known for its stellar care, and it’s extended that care past its walls with Family Fest. Family Fest is its way to teach the community about healthy living.

This annual festival includes free screenings and health information, along with free exhibits and activities. The festival teaches both children and adults how to be more active in a fun way. It also teaches preventive care and healthy eating habits.

Last year’s festival brought in more than 1,200 people, and this year’s festival is expected to be just as popular. The members of the community realize it is a powerful resource they can use to educate themselves and their children.

Beyond the Festival

The festival will lay the groundwork for having a healthy family. The festival focuses on food, activities, health screenings, and fun. Incorporate everything that you learn into your daily life. That will mean shopping for better food. You can also join a local gym or spend time at a local playground with your family. The more you get out and move with your family, the healthier you will be. You’ll also get to bond with your loved ones in a healthy way.

Sponsor Family Fest

If you own a business, consider sponsoring Family Fest. This free festival relies on sponsorships around Louisiana to keep going year after year. If you want to become a sponsor, send an email to Jacob.Balfantz@fmolhs.org. He will give you the information necessary to sponsor the event.

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