The Results are in: Buick Encore More Preferred than BMW X1

2018 buick encore

Small SUVs are all the rage in Houma, Louisiana, these days. That’s because they are the perfect size for a lot of different kinds of drivers out there. For example, parents with kids love this kind of vehicle because it offers them plenty of room to bring the kids along without the huge size of some other SUVs on the market. Even those without kids who just want a bit of extra room can benefit from a smaller SUV. But which one should you choose? While the BMW X1 is a great option, many drivers prefer the Buick Encore. Keep reading to find out why.

Beautiful Interior

When it comes to the interior of the vehicle, it’s hard to beat the Buick Encore. It feels extra luxurious in this SUV, and you’ll love how comfortable you feel when you slide behind the wheel. With sleek details and a soft and buttery upholstery, the Encore has drivers all over Louisiana raving. You have to see it for yourself to understand why people love the interior of this vehicle so much.

Quiet as Can Be

You know when you drive down the highway and it seems like you can hear every single noise the engine makes? That certainly doesn’t make for a comfortable or relaxing ride, and it can start to get annoying fast. But luckily, the Encore comes equipped with one of the quietest cabins around. Even when you’re accelerating, you’ll hear very little outside noise, allowing you to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, phone calls, and more.

Technological Features

The BMW X1 may have stepped it up when it comes to technological features, but it still doesn’t come close to what you can get from an Encore. The IntelliLink interface makes it easy to control every aspect of your vehicle, and you also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Add in the OnStar capabilities and 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity, and it’s a no-brainer that the Encore has everything a tech-savvy driver in Houma could ever need or want.

So, while the two vehicles are a close tie when it comes to customer opinions, the Buick Encore seems to win out, and it’s no wonder why. Now, it’s time for you to come see the car in person. Make your way to Barker Buick GMC in Houma, Louisiana, to take a look and test-drive one for yourself. You may just fall in love and end up driving home in a brand-new car today.

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