Easy And Fun Crafts For Your Kids To Try This Spring

Mother and sons making crafts

Are you in need of some spring-related activities to do inside the house with your kids? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We think springtime crafts are the best kind of crafts and we have plenty of suggestions. Try these four fun craft activities with your kids today!

Bottle Cap Hyacinths

Painted hyacinths make a stunning craft. Grab one light blue and one green sheet of paper. Cut the green paper into long strips and glue it onto the blue sheet. Next, get purple paint and a water bottle cap and begin dipping the cap into the paint. Have your kids dot the paint all along the green strips to create the blooms. It’ll be absolutely beautiful.

Egg Carton Chicks

Cut up an egg carton so that you have two egg holders with the edges trimmed off. Glue the pieces together. Paint them any color you’d like and let dry. Finish by dotting the eyes with a marker and gluing a triangle beak onto the front. Who would’ve thought your egg carton could turn into such adorable chicks?

Q Tip Lamb

A Q tip lamb may sound weird, but we assure you it’s absolutely perfect. Cut a white piece of paper into an oval and an egg shape. Grab a bunch of Q tips and cut the tips off with scissors. Add a line of glue to the oval-shaped paper and glue the Q tips onto it. Add Q tip ears to the egg-shaped paper, glue on top of the oval, and your lamb is finished.

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Paper and Paint Butterfly

This butterfly craft is so simple and adorable. Cut a piece of paper into the shape of a big butterfly. Fold it in half and then squeeze paint along the crease of the paper. Close the paper and have your child smooth out the lumps and bumps of paint towards the outer edges of the butterfly’s wings. Open for a colorful reveal and layout to dry.

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