Own Fright Night With These Delicious Costume Ideas

Happy family preparing for Halloween celebration

Halloween is finally right around the corner! As the phrase goes, it is the perfect time for tricks and treats. This year, you can dress up as your favorite tasty treat to add some spice to any Halloween party. Check out these food-inspired costume ideas to really get the party started!

Smarty Pants

Dip into your candy stash before the night really begins to DIY this hilarious and puny costume. Tape or glue some Smarties candies to an old pair of jeans and then throw on a pair of glasses to really play the part. You will look like a nerd with a touch of goofiness. If you get hungry, you will have a snack along the way.

Bread Winner

Throw on some running clothes, such as a brightly colored athletic top, a pair of biker shorts, and tennis shoes to pull off this sporty look. Wearing a fake medal, you will definitely look like you have just won a huge marathon. Now, it is time for the pun. Carry around a loaf of bread to be the “bread winner.”

Smart Cookie

Get your old cap and gown out of storage for this funny costume idea. You don’t even need a diploma to pull this off! Cut out pictures of cookies and tape them all over your cap and gown. Walk around carrying a plate of cookies for an extra push on bribing the costume contest judges.

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Ketchup and Mustard

This super easy couple’s costume just needs monochrome red and yellow outfits. You can dress it up or dress it down. All you need to add is a cone shaped hat, which you can make out of paper, to create a lid for your ketchup or mustard bottle. This super fun and creative costume idea will keep the crowd laughing and might even make some people a little hungry. Check out these super simple and easy costume ideas! Make fright night more fun this year with a puny costume.

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