Tips And Tricks To Deep Clean Your Car

Man vacuuming car interior

Do you want a clean car but you don’t want to pay to get it detailed? You can do it yourself with some everyday household items. Check out these tips and tricks to deep clean your car, and spruce up your vehicle today!

Clean Your Vents With a Makeup Brush

The temperature has been on the rise, so your air conditioner is probably getting a workout. You don’t want your vents to blow dust all over your vehicle, so clean them with a makeup brush. Make sure you clean the brush before you use it. Next, brush it along the vents, removing the dust. Once you’re finished, you can enjoy cold air from the air conditioner without the dust.

Deep Clean the Seats

Dirt and grime can soak into your car’s seats, leading to stains and bad smells. You can remove the stains and odors by deep cleaning the seats. Start by mixing baking soda and vinegar to form a paste. Then use a scrub brush to work it into the seats. Rinse the mixture away and breathe in. You should notice that your vehicle has a much fresher smell.

Oil Up the Dashboard

Olive oil comes in handy when you’re cooking, and you can use it to clean your car, too. Apply some to a rag and work it into the dashboard. It will make your dashboard shine and also protect the material from cracking.

Clean the Bugs Away With Dryer Sheets

Save your used dryer sheets when you finish doing laundry. After, use them to wipe the dead bugs off the outside of your vehicle. It’s incredible how easy it is to get them off the car when you use a dryer sheet. After you finish wiping them away, wash your vehicle to remove any excess grime.

Condition Your Vehicle

You condition your hair after washing it, so consider doing the same for your vehicle to make it shine. Choose a conditioner with lanolin, and use it to shine up your vehicle. After, you can put your conditioner back into the shower and use it the next time you wash your hair.

Clean the Headlights With Toothpaste

You can make your headlights look new again by cleaning them with toothpaste. Put the toothpaste on a rag and work it into the headlights. Next, rinse it off and enjoy the results. The lights should look much clearer.

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Tackle the Crevices With Your Toothbrush

Grab a new toothbrush and use it on the nooks and crannies inside of your car. Your toothbrush can reach places that a rag cannot, so your ride can be dirt and debris-free. After, vacuum it up so your ride will look fresh and clean.

Cleaning your vehicle will improve its looks, but that isn’t always enough. If your car is past its prime, head over to Barker Buick GMC in Houma, Louisiana. We have new and pre-owned vehicles that are full of top-rated features. Plus, they are so clean that you can still breathe in that fresh car smell.

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