Come Out and See the Lost Bayou Ramblers

Lost Bayou Ramblers Houma

The Lost Bayou Ramblers are a traditional Cajun music band that was formed in the year 1999 in Louisiana by brothers Adre Michot (lap steel guitar and Cajun accordion) and Louis Michot (vocals and fiddle). They would later recruit Eric Heigle (drums), producer Korey Richey (Electric Bass), and Johnny Campos (electric Guitar). This band is an international act, drawing fans and playing shows in Canada, the US and even Europe. Be sure to catch their live performance this month!

Lost Bayou Ramblers Sound

Through the 15 years of experience they have touring and recording in the studio, but their music has become anything but stale. The Louisiana Cajun band continues to combine elements of other genres (punk, western swing, and rockabilly to name a few) into the mix. One would certainly have a difficult time trying to put them into any box. The amount of growth and innovation is just too great here for such categorizations. This is something that will become very clear to those who go see the band perform live at On The Canal Bar on Friday, August 11th.

Lost Bayou Ramblers Shows

They will come out with long hair and shades blasting that good ole Cajun music at you with predominantly Cajun French lyrics. Although they stay true to their roots you will hear jamming electric guitar, spiffy drum fills, and high powered vocals. Their mix of genres is sure to bring in the older as well as the much younger so expect to see a diverse crowd of fun loving southerners. The band will be passionately jamming and be moving around to the beat as people 2 step and just dance to their heart’s content.

Houma, Louisiana Welcomes the Ramblers

Houma is rich with culture and fantastic places to visit such as the Terrebonne Water Life Museum, the Regional Military Museum, and the Folk Life Culture Center. There is a mixture of French, Spanish and Native American culture that give this area its unique Cajun vibe. The rich culture of fishing here coupled with the proximity to the ocean means that you are sure to find the best authentic Cajun seafood that will make your mouth water.

The Lost Bayou Ramblers are riding the wave of the future in Cajun music. If you see them live in Houma, expect to hear many classics as well as fresh content mixing many different styles. Come out to the On The Canal Bar on Friday, August 11th and see for yourself. If you like Cajun music and good vibes this is the event for you.

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