Celebrate Bastille Day in New Orleans

Celebrate Bastille Day in New Orleans

Looking for an awesome way to celebrate Bastille Day? Take a short day trip to the French city of New Orleans for a event filled with excitement, adventure, family fun and more!

Bastille Day Fête in New Orleans

The Bastille Day Fête in New Orleans was named the third best Bastille Day celebration in the world. You defiantly want to come check it out this year! The festival aims to celebrate the French National Day in America’s most French city.  Enjoy live music, food, and drinks. This family-oriented event has fun activites for the kids, including French-themed arts and crafts, a puppet show, and more! To read more about Bastille Day in Nola, click here!

Bastille Day Fête in New Orleans will take place on July 14th and 15th.  The event will be help at the New Orleans Museum of Art, and admission is only $5. If you are a member at the NOMA your admission is FREE. Make sure to visit Café Noma located right inside the museum, or come by and see their live cooking demonstration during the festival.

What is Bastille Day?

In France on July 14, 1789 8,000 men and women stormed a prison fortress in Paris known as the Bastille. They demanded the prison’s supply of weapons, and the release of the political prisoners being held there. The stamping of the Bastille was the spark that set off the match to the French Revolution. The French Revolution in turn had a significant impact not only on France but its colonies and former colonies, including New Orleans!

Rising from the disaster and anarchy of the French Revolution was a young, determined general named Napoleon Bonaparte. To help finance various wars in and around Europe, Napoleon sold off France’s largest North American colony in what later became known as the Louisiana Purchase. New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana, including the land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains became part of the United States!

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