DIY Your Home With These Holiday Decorations



If you’re on a budget, then you may dread the holiday season. There’s a limited amount of money to go around, and the last thing you want to do is spend all of your money on decorations instead of buying presents for the people you love. But that doesn’t mean that your home has to be bare during the holidays; you just have to figure out how to make your decorations yourself. That’s actually a lot easier than it may seem. Take a look at these simple and easy decorating ideas, and you’ll be able to decorate your home on the cheap in no time. Now that’s going to make your holidays bright!

Lined Candle Jars

There’s a good chance that you already have large glass candle jars. Even if you don’t, they’re easy to find and cheap to pick up at the last minute. Plus, you can easily give them a holiday flair. Line those glass jars with large dried orange slices. Not only does this create a festive look, but it’s also going to make your house smell amazing. Plus, all you have to buy is the oranges – it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Coffee Filter Garland

Do you have some extra coffee filters lying around? It may sound strange, but you can totally make a garland with them. Just layer them on top of each other (it’s even better if you have both the white and the brown ones). Then, string them on a piece of yarn or string, and you can make your mantle look more festive than ever.

Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

Take a trip to your local craft store to pick up some pyramid-like wooden shapes. They’re easy to find, and they won’t be hard to make after you pick up the materials. When you get home, you can paint them in all the best Christmas colors, so they look just like little Christmas trees. Want to add a bit of flair to them? Use just a bit of metallic paint.

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Plaid Pillows

Take your normal, everyday pillows and transform them into pure holiday joy. All you need is some simple sewing skills and a plaid fleece blanket. You’re just going to make little covers for your existing pillows. Slip them right in, and the whole room will be transformed. Plus, since you’re using fleece, they’re also going to be super soft. What more could you want?

By employing these simple ideas to decorate your home for the holidays, your house is going to look amazing!

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