Get Ready To Prep Your Yard For The Spring Season

Planting spring flowers in sunny garden

Planting spring flowers in sunny garden

Your landscaping took a beating over the winter, and now’s the time to get it back into shape. While you might think your lawn and garden are lost causes, you can transform them with a little bit of work. First, check out some tips to prepare your lawn and garden for the spring. Then your landscaping will be so lush and green that your neighbors will ask for your secret.

Clean up Your Yard

Between leaves and twigs, your lawn probably accumulated lots of debris during the winter. As much as you want to mow over the yard waste, it can damage your mower. Plus, the ground-up materials will prevent your lawn from absorbing fertilizer, meaning it won’t grow as thick and full as you want. Thus, use a blower or a rake to clean your lawn. While a blower is much quicker, either tool will do the trick.

Treat Your Lawn

Next, you need to treat your lawn to help the grass grow while preventing invaders. First, apply a combination of pre-emergent and fertilizer to your lawn. Pre-emergent will keep the crabgrass at bay, which is essential. If it takes off, you’ll end up struggling to kill it all season.

Let the fertilizer and pre-emergent work their magic for six to eight weeks. Then you’ll need to apply them again, but add a broadleaf weed killer into the mix as well.

Set a Schedule to Mow Every Five Days

You’ll damage your grass if you let it grow too long before mowing it. So, make a point to mow every five days through the beginning of May. Then you can cut back to your regular mowing schedule.

Prepare Your Garden

You’ll need to tackle the garden next. Start by edging the beds, followed by trimming the dead branches and replacing the mulch. Consider using hardwood bark mulch since it lasts longer than ground wood chips. It also looks better, so you’ll enhance your curb appeal.

Prune the Trees

Dead and loose tree branches can fall at any time, making them a safety hazard. Thus, it’s a good idea to prune the trees to protect yourself and your property. It’s often best to leave this job to a professional tree trimmer. Then the professional can identify the problem areas and ensure your yard is safe.

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Sod Large Brown Patches

Don’t worry about small brown patches on your lawn. The fertilizer will give the grass a boost, so it’ll fill in those small brown spots. However, the fertilizer won’t be enough if you have large areas without grass. You can fix this by installing sod in those areas. If you seed the lawn, the weed killer will prevent it from germinating, so it’ll be a waste of time and money. That’s why sod is recommended.

These tasks might take some work, but you’ll love the results. Thus, get started on preparing and caring for your lawn, so it’ll be lush this season.

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